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Inverts -

Inverts are broken into many groups, of genus and species

  • Family
    • genus
      • scientific name

  1. Sponges
  2. Cnidarians
    1. Corals
      1. Black and wire coral
      2. Monitpora patula, Blue rice coral
      3. Pocillopora damicornis
      4. Pocillopora meandrina
  3. Worms
    1. Chelidonura hirundina (blue swallowtail slug)
    2. Ptychodera flava (Yellow Acorn Worm)
    3. Scale worm (Polychaete_Polynoidae)
    4. Pseudoceros dimidiatus (divided flatworm)
  4. Bryozoans
    1. Crisina_radians(Tuning_Form_Bryozoan)
  5. Molluscs
    1. Opihi - Cellana


  1. Barnacles
  2. Mantis Shrimp
  3. Decapods
    1. Shrimps
      1. Hymenocera picta Dana (Harlequin Shrimp)
      2. Ranina ranina (red) frog crab or spanner crab
    1. Lobsters
    2. Hermit Crabs
    3. True Crabs
  4. Echinoderms
    1. Sea Stars
    2. Brittle Stars
    3. Sea Urchins
    4. Sea Cucumbers
      1. Stichopus horrens (Warty sea cucumber)
  5. Tunicates



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