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It takes several scuba dives to come across something special like the Centropgye nahackyi. Unfortunately through facebook and other forms of social media, it was captured and most likely sold on the market within a few weeks after being found. I found this greatly disappointing as it was a beautiful and amazing fish..

So lessons learned, next time pictures stay on the computer...

Dive opportunities have taken me from South point of the Big Island, to Kure atoll in the North West Hawaiian Islands and several islands in between. I have to say, each island offers a different dive experience


About John Coney

Born on the Island of Oahu, I started out with a keen intereste in computers and electronics and the ocean. A native of Hawaii, I enhot focusing on the Hawai'ian islands, my home. Living in Hawai'i has brought out my interst in documenting the amazing island we call home.

Places in Hawaii to Visit

Volcano National Park

Kilauea Ldoge

Pacific Tsunami Museum in Hilo

Kona Diving Company


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