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We offer many different services from the middle of the Pacific. Our focus is on underwater photography, computer networking & security and multimedia kiosk development.

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We offer reasonable rates in a timely manner. We can do the work remotely, or finish with on site installation or training.

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All the images on this site are for sale. We can have them printed on a number of different mediums, or provide the image electronically for your needs. Email us today for a quote.

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I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.

If you’re a procrastinator like Douglas Adams, this quote probably made you laugh.

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We meet a few years back, the fall of 1983 and I had just started college as a computer science student. I had brought a small u/w 110 camera and housing with me, but quickly moved a Nikon F2 SLR. Fast forward a few years and friend suggested I work as the student newspaper photographer, which gave me access to a black and white darkroom. Rebuilding the campus observatory, I started taking photos images of the sky late at night. Not good for my academic life, but great fun regardless. Dating we would take photo trips around town when we had fun, and fun we had. I then spent 23 years Janet and John pre-divein the Marine Option Program at UH Hilo, getting paid to take photos for species identification, I ran the electron microscopy lab and took photos to promote the program. I've since moved on to the astronomy department and while I'm in the ocean, I find it exciting with a news of a lunar eclipse, or other epic astronomical event taking place in Hawaii. During this time, I volunteered for the Pacific Tsunami Museum in Hilo, doing computer work from networking, setting up a digital archive system and of course touch screen kiosk systems. It is these touch screen systems that gave me the opportunity to travel to India, Thailand and Alaska setting up multi language kiosks promoting tsunami education.

Please look around and enjoy the images, you can also find me on facebook. Warm Aloha from Volcano Hawaii.


About John Coney

Born on the Island of Oahu, I started out with an interest in computers and electronics. A native of Hawaii, I focus on the islands, but have a background in underwater photography.

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