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Underwater Photography

I spent the majority of my early career (twenty three years), taking photos for species identification, students and projects. Many of these images where used in teaching species identification, and reference images for students and faculty teaching at UH Hilo Marine Option Program and Marine Science Program. Also many of these images ended up on departmental and campus web sites and used in public relations for posters, brochures and student presentations. Another area of underwater photography included photographing processes, such as corals over time, faculty, staff and students working underwater and associated projects.

With underwater photography, I was able to travel to amazing places such as Pohnpei, and the North West Hawaiian Islands as photographer, a great and amazing opportunity.


And my most favorite, is diving the islands as well as spending time with my family. Having retired in a sense from the Marine science field, I still dive on a regular basis. My interests in photography now include travel, astro photography, backpacking and motorcycle riding.


Tips for Underwater photographers. I would say keep itsimple. Cameras range from a basic point and shoot to elaborate DLSR cameras. Add on flashes and of course ports and lenses can be costly and frustrating. I know people that do great with a gopro setup. Remember, keep it simple, have fun and remember film is cheep.


About John Coney

Born on the Island of Oahu, I started out with a keen intereste in computers and electronics. A native of Hawaii, I focus on the islands, but have a background in underwater potography.

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